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Traditional Hydrotherapy

  • How to treat disease with hot and cold water.
  • Information from classic medical texts.
  • Consult the top hydrotherapy doctors from hydrotherapy's golden age.

Hydrotherapy to treat disease.

Evaporating Wet Sheet

Water is ideal for applying heat and cold to the skin. In Hydrotherapy water at specific temperatures is applied to body surfaces. The temperature of the water, rather than the water itself, has the therapeutic effect.

Hydrotherapy has been used for thousands of years and can be as simple as washing a wound or as complex as Alternate Compresses. It is not commonly used these days because it can be inconvenient, for example, taking an antibiotic pill is easier than arranging a Hot Bath. However, despite the labour involved, hydrotherapy is very effective. Its few adverse side effects are obvious immediately. It leaves the patient feeling comfortable and actually strengthens the body.

Hydrotherapy can be used on many conditions that are not amenable to medical treatment.

Traditional Hydrotherapy

Wet Sheet Rub

is a compilation from medical textbooks, written by doctors in the early part of last century when hydrotherapy use was at its peak in the US. These men and women treated a wide range of diseases and problems. Now hydrotherapy professionals can benefit from their experience by easily and quickly consulting with them through this site.

Most of the terminology is unchanged so some will appear archaic. The major changes have been to make all the temperatures Centigrade and to Anglicise the spelling.

The Sections on the Site

  • Diseases treated with Traditional Hydrotherapy with links to the Problems and the recommended treatment Techniques.
  • Problems - these days we would call them signs and symptoms, but they are more than that. This is the most valuable section because it breaks the disease up into components that can be targeted specifically with hydrotherapy. Once you know the problems you will be able to treat diseases that are not in the "Diseases" section.
  • Techniques - the actual treatments. Usually with temperatures and durations but not the procedure as most are in Simple Remedies.
  • Therapeutic Effects - classifies the Techniques according to the effects they have on the body. These directly correlate with the Problems. Also a very useful section.

Before Using the Information on this Website:

Sitz Bath

I assume that you already have a diagnosis from a qualified Medical Practitioner. Inform the doctor if you want to use Hydrotherapy and ask if there are any contraindications.

I have given you the prescriptions as Kellogg, Abbott and the other doctors gave them. If any problems occur as a result of using these prescriptions, I would like to know, but I cannot accept responsibility for the outcome.

These treatments DO work but MUST be applied correctly to correctly diagnosed problems. The procedures themselves have few adverse side effects. Major problems you may encounter are a poor response, or a slow or no recovery. In these cases re-check the diagnosis and the procedure.


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