Biliary Inflammations

Dr Abbott

Dr Abbott says...

Gall and Cold

"It is inadvisable to use the ice bag in (empyema of the gall bladder), since it tends to to cause firm contraction of the muscular coat and might occasion rupture of the gall bladder. In fact, it is a principle which should be quite generally followed that inflammations of the hollow viscera are best treated by hot applications. This is also true of the urinary bladder. The spasm of the muscles occasioned by the inflammation is relaxed and the congestion decreased (by heat)."


from Dr GK Abbott's Prescriptions...

includes: cholecystitis, catarrhal jaundice, subacute pancreatitis

Usually require operations but early intervention can cause the milder inflammations to subside.

Subacute pancreatitis causes induration of the head of pancreas and leads to catarrhal jaundice in 60% of cases.

For subacute pancreatitis and catarrh of gall bladder and ducts, or while waiting for gall surgery in empyema of gall bladder... Derivation with Analgesic and relaxing ducts, followed by Tonic,

As patient improves

For pancreatitis

  • special diet
  • maintain bowel movement


  • Ice Bag to abdomen as can cause muscle spasm and rupture