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Dr Kellogg says...


The powerful perturbing influence of the cold douche gives it the very highest value as an alterative and restorative procedure. Under its influence the whole organism is aroused to the highest degree of activity; the intensity of every function is heightened; the whole body is lifted upon a higher place of being; the vital resistance is increased; digestive activity is augmented, both by increase of motility and by the production of greater quantity of hydrochloric acid; glandular activity of every sort is quickened; the processes of assimilation and disintegration are hastened; oxidation and elimination are increased; all the wheels of life move with quickened vigour and regularity. The individual begins to live a more vigorous and vital life, physically, mentally and we may even say morally. p440

If after tonic applications, perspiration appears, the effect of the bath has been spoiled, and the patient will be weakened instead of strengthened by it; hence it is easy to convert a tonic application into one of a very different character, thus producing most undesirable results, by neglecting properly to supervise the drying and rubbing of the patient after the bath. p 678


from Dr JH Kellogg's Hydriatic Techniques...

A general reactionary Excitant effect to raise the basal metabolic rate in chronic disease. A tonic treatment increases vital activities so as to restore the body's normal tone or condition. Nutrition, circulation and other functions are promoted.

Repeated short cold

Graduated Tonic Cold

Quick, complete thermic and circulatory reactions are needed.


Cautions see Mildest Tonic


from Dr GK Abbott's Prescriptions...

  • Graduated Tonic Cold treatments have the following effects:
    • Quicken circulation of blood and lymph
    • Strengthen the heart beat
    • Raise blood pressure
    • Increase glandular activity
    • Enhance nerve activity
    • Augment assimilation
    • Increase depth of respiration
    • Increase oxygen absorption and carbon dioxide elimination
    • Leucomaines (toxins) are oxidised more perfectly
    • Increase basal metabolic rate
    • Stimulate heat production
    • Prevent stasis by increasing blood cell numbers in periphery
    • Increase blood alkalinity
    • Increase antibody production
    • Stimulate phagocytosis
    • Increase muscular capacity
    • Decrease fatigue

Indications for Tonic: