Varicose Veins


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Causes: increase in blood pressure inside the veins causing vein wall thinning. Occurs with overweight, pregnancy, tight belts and constipation.


To relieve pressure in leg veins:-

  • Decrease time spent standing
  • Reduce intra-abdominal pressure by:
    • Reducing gas and constipation
    • Avoiding overeating
    • Avoiding excess fat on abdomen
    • Avoid tight waist bands or belts
  • When Sitting:- Don't allow pressure on back of thighs
    • Don't Cross legs
    • Prop feet up
  • Reduce excess fat on legs
  • Encourage deep breathing
  • Vigorous outdoor exercise
  • Reduce Swelling

For Painful Varicose Veins:-

  • Alternate Leg Bath
  • Elevate feet
  • Elastic Stockings

For Varicose Ulcers:

Contra-indications over the area of the varicose veins


from Dr JH Kellogg's Hydriatic Techniques...



from Dr GK Abbott's Prescriptions...

for varicose ulcer: Fluxion: Alternating Applications with mechanical

Excellent results

Improve circulation by:

  • Alternate Leg Bath - to knees - as hot as possible - ice water 1min hot and 1min cold (if cold shorter than hot, ulcers will get worse) for 20min
  • Alternate Douche (spray) to legs 6-10 changes
  • UV - water-cooled at 3-5cm to 1-2°erythema, weekly directly to ulcer
    • air-cooled to ulcer and surrounds at 40-50cm, 3-4min 2-3X a week