SYN: Edema, Dropsy, Anasarca, and Swollen Legs


from Hydrothermic Remedies...


  • Hydrostatic pressure from prolonged standing or sitting
  • Osmotic pressure from
    • high intake of Concentrated Food
    • inadequate protein intake (rare)
    • congestion in inflammation
  • Premenstrual tension



For hydrostatic pressure:-

  • elevate feet

for osmotic pressure:-

  • Drink more water to promote fluid output, water is a safe, natural diuretic
  • Reduce salt, oil and sugar intake
  • Maintain blood protein
  • Walking - to increase lymph and blood flow


from Dr JH Kellogg's Prescriptions...

General Method:




from Dr GK Abbott's Prescriptions...

Usually of the feet and ankles



High blood sugar - increases blood volume by osmotically pulling water from the interstitial spaces then later the cells. The kidneys increase urine and sugar output. Thirst is induced by tissue fluid depletion. Increased fluid intake allows diuresis until enough sugar is excreted to bring it back to normal levels.

High salt ingestion, in chronic cases has the opposite effect.

Thirst only is induced and so the salt concentration is maintained by an increased quantity of water in the body. Thus low salt diets are necessary in oedema.

Oedema is caused by - Stasis in dilated vessels leads to poor nutrition and oxygen supply of endothelial cells in vessels walls decreased cell health and increased permeability

Treatment must therefore consist of Diaphoretics and Diuretics