Valvular Heart Disease

SYN: Organic Heart Disease


from Dr JH Kellogg's Prescriptions...

General Method:

First Stage:

Second Stage:

  • Bed Rest, Ice Bag over heart 15-30 min 2-3x a day
  • As in first stage
  • Careful Massage and graduated exercises

Third Stage:

  • Complete bed rest
  • Relief of Oedema
  • Keep skin circulation active thus relieve heart
  • Relieve weak heart

Pathological Problems:

Clinical Problems:


  • cold Immersions, Cold Douche
  • Russian Bath, and any prolonged or very hot bath
  • Exercise causing
  • in Fatty Degeneration: no Precordial Ice


from Dr GK Abbott's Prescriptions...

Caused by acute inflammation of the valves as complications of

Predisposed in... prolonged and heavy exertion

Problems or complications:

In stenosis (obstruction) the heart muscle is hypertrophied

In incompetent valves (can't close properly) cardiac dilation


To increase heart muscle and temporarily relieve the heart these treatments combine to

  • decrease pulse rate
  • decrease dilation
  • decrease heart murmurs
  1. rest - physical and mental especially in acute stage
  2. Precordial Compress or Ice Bag well wrapped, 20min on 20min off
  3. stimulate the peripheral heart thus aiding the heart. To ensure active dilation or a pumping action...
  • Massage - friction good, Deep Centripetal Kneading better and may result in a 4x increase in blood flow - mechanical vibration useful on legs and back.
  • Graduated Tonic Cold - throughout the disease:-
  • Effervescent Bath - not used in acute stage and can cause palpitation and over-stimulation - use carefully
  • resistive exercises for all muscles groups successively begin with slight resistance and build through 6x - Alternate groups are done at the same time, should not increase pulse or breath rate
    • increases active dilation - use only in chronic stages
  • graduated walking programmes

General Programme:

Begin gently - don't treat too frequently, 3 treatments per day with one as Stimulant, the evening treatment is Sedative.

When inflammation subsides, patient on bed-rest :-

When pulse becomes normal, patient in wheelchair then walking short distances < 20m

When temperature normal for 1 month: