Dry Friction

Dr Kellogg

Dr Kellogg says...

Centrifugal Dry Friction

(stroking away from the heart)

A hot, flushed skin resulting from vasomotor disturbance rather than a rise in temperature, is a condition not infrequently met in neurasthenics, and is often a distressing symptom in connection with menopause... (and) in the "feverishness" of experienced in connection with a severe cold... (gentle) Centrifugal friction is indicated. pp 675,6

If the tissues have been overexcited by excessive manipulation, if pain has been induced or if excessive reaction has been occasioned by... (any) heating process, an excellent antidote is offered in centrifugal friction applied in the form of gentle stroking. p 675

... as a means of combating excessive reaction, when this has been produced by a too cold bath, by too warm wrapping after a bath, by excessive exercise, or even by too prolonged or violent friction after the cold bath. p 678


from Dr JH Kellogg's Hydriatic Techniques...

Make sure hands are dry - use talc

Centrifugal (away) gentle stroking - Sedative in:

See Centripetal Friction

Local rubbing in Radiating Pains


  • Sensitive people with irritable skin - dry by patting
  • After Tonic cold avoid - gentle rubbing and too violent rubbing
  • Racing heart avoid light rubbing
  • Depressed heart avoid violent rubbing
  • People who perspire or over-react easily
  • Where skin or hands are moist - use talc
  • Over acute inflammation or joints
  • After Brand Bath
  • Eruptions and Hyperaesthesia
  • After neutral treatments or in hot weather.
  • In fever avoid excess rubbing as can lead to bed sores


from Dr GK Abbott's Prescriptions...

  • Same procedure as Oil Rub without lubricant
  • Vigorous to-and-fro friction followed by percussion to increase circulation and warm the skin, and to stimulate heat production
  • slow, heavy friction without percussion is Sedative on
    • forehead and spine etc.