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In Lobar Pneumonia treatment aims at reducing congestion and increasing blood flow to prevent and remove consolidation.

  • Hot Foot Bath with Fomentation to Chest (esp over the pain)and Spine, cold to head, followed by Cold Mitten Friction daily
    • The first treatment should be very hot and when intense sweating and reaction occur, terminate treatment with
    • Following treatments should not cause profuse sweating but Fomentations should still be hot and thick, but apply a shorter time.
  • Avoid any chance of chilling, Change quickly, Cold Mitten Friction should be brisk and to one part at a time and dried thoroughly.

Daily Regime:-

  • Full treatment in morning only, unless the patient is very ill.
  • Hot Foot Bath in the afternoon, treat cough as needed or
  • Heating Chest Pack
  • Avoid constipation
  • Do not fatigue the patient
  • Push water, prevent dehydration (shown by cracked lips)
  • Sun Bath if patient is amenable
  • Steam Inhalation for sputum
  • Continue treatments for two days after fever subsides


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See also Lobar Pneumonia or Broncho-Pneumonia



Any of these 3 parts may be given according to patient strength

Usually do whole treatment BID with back or legs alone in evening

In convalescence: