Lobar Pneumonia


from Dr JH Kellogg's Prescriptions...

See and compare with Pneumonia

General Method:

  • Maintain warmth and activity in skin - wrap shoulders
  • Prevent pulmonary congestion by same methods
  • Carefully use cold treatments as may cause retrostasis
  • Promote Resistance
  • Plenty of Pure warm air
  • have Oxygen on hand for breathing


  • general Cold eg Brand Bath
  • Cold Tub Bath

Pathological Problems:

Clinical Problems:


from Dr JH Kellogg's Hydriatic Techniques...

A lobe of the lung becomes so densely congested that it is solid with phlegm, today is largely prevented by antibiotics



Vascular Antiphlogistics


Inflammation Fever

Tonic in chronic cases with inactive mucus glands



from Dr GK Abbott's Prescriptions...

see also Broncho-Pneumonia especially if it is an infant or child

Prevent by

  • exercise outdoors in cold air
  • hot bathing terminated by vigorous reaction to cold
  • exposure to ultraviolet in sunlight or lamps

Symptoms: Chest pain, dyspnoea, rapid respiration, cyanosis, cough with "prune juice" or "rusty" sputum.

Disease: general toxaemia and 3 stages of lung changes:

  1. intense Pulmonary Congestion
  2. Red Hepatisation: Blood exudes into alveoli until one or more lobes become consolidated, when pneumonia technically begins and must now run its course.
  3. Grey Hepatisation: Exudate softens and is absorbed. The crisis (sudden drop in temperature) marks the beginning of stage 3.

Treatment: - must be systemic to treat the two main dangers

  1. deficient oxygenation of blood
  2. circulatory failure

Aims: increase oxygenation, sustain heart and circulation, increase leucocytosis and phagocytosis, decrease toxaemia.

In Stage 1: abort and treat congestion by Derivative or Diaphoretics by taking to full Derivation by...

all with

To increase oxygenation:

  • plenty of fresh cold air (keep body warm)

To support circulation:

For unresolved cases:

To treat pain follow Pleurisy

To treat cough see Coughs and Viscid Phlegm

To increase diuresis large quantities of either hot or cold water (depending on indications) drunk in small amounts.

Keep bowels open by Enemas

Low protein diet. - aims to relieve congestion, by Derivation, before formation of exudate or prevent spread of consolidation


  • very warm room, patient in bed and warmly covered, avoid exposure
  • Hot Water Drinking or lemon
  • Hot Foot Bath with hot water added as fast as possible
  • very hot Fomentations, very thick and large, from spine to sternum over painful side change quickly 4X. When sweating profusely, chest and feet are red then...
  • Cold Mitten Friction energetic and very brisk, expose only part being treated, feet last.
  • after first treatment:- rest for 2 hours and sleep if can
  • subsequent treatment:- late morning: full treatment but heat not prolonged to sweating. Late afternoon or evening: same if patient very ill, if improving...


If treatment successful before consolidation is fixed in stage 2, recovery takes 3-4 days

In Typhoid Fever

Keep extremities warm

Hypostatic pneumonia