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Acute Bronchitis

Infection or irritation of airways in the lungs. Usually occurs after a cold


see Fevers

Chronic Bronchitis



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Etiological Problems:

Pathological Problems:

Clinical Problems:


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see Chronic Bronchitis for chronic cases

Acute bronchitis:




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see Chronic Bronchitis for chronic cases

Stages of acute Bronchitis: applies to all inflammations of the respiratory tract see Coryza for detailed treatment and Croup

  1. Dry Cough, no sputum, difficult breathing - due to intense congestion with swelling of irritated dry membranes, making gas exchange difficult. No expectoration "tight"
  2. More severe cough, occasionally some pain, thick tenacious mucous with leucocytes, expectorated in small quantities
  3. Loose cough, abundant, thin, frothy, purulent sputum, easily expectorated. "loosened"

Stages 1 and 2 last hours to days. Recovery begins at stage 3. Treatment aims to hasten these changes and mitigate symptoms:


To moisten secretions, relieve pain and make breathing easier:-

  • Moist heat
    • continued until symptoms relieved
    • dilates blood vessels and stimulates mucous gland activity

Then mild Tonics to promote resolution, absorb exudate and prevent further excessive secretion. By stimulating circulation, decreasing congestion, stimulating deep respiration and increasing gas exchange.

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