Childhood Fevers

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Childhood Fevers

It is not by the high temperature, nor by the pathogenic organisms which invade the body but by the poisons produced by these organisms and by the toxins generated within the body itself, that life is destroyed. These poisons kill by their effect upon the nervous system, -a pernicious influence which is manifested by headache, delirium, insomnia, weakness, stupor, coma, ataxia and various other symptoms which point directly toward the great centers of the life, the ganglia of the brain and cord... to aid the body in its battle against death by toxemia through support of the organ in every possible way; hence, any measure which increases vital resistance, which replenishes the life forces, which antagonizes the depressing and other toxic influences of the poisons present must be of paramount importance. The fever patient has no appetite because digestive ability is lacking; little or no hydrochloric acid is found in the gastric juice; the secretion of the salivary glands, the pancreas, liver, and other digestive glands likewise lessened or impaired in quality, and all the nutritive processes are nearly paralyzed. The assimilative activity of the tissues is also weakened as much as is the digestive power of the alimentary canal and accessory organs. pp573,4


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Rapid onset high fevers in children if treated promptly are relieved and complications are prevented. If fever persists more than 24 hours or there are convulsions see a doctor.



Temperatures °C

Age Oral Initial Water Water after 30sec Duration min Frequency
to 6 mths 39.5°C 41°C - 30 sec 4x daily
1-3 yrs <39.5 41 43.5 3 min 4x daily
>39.5 40 40 3 4x daily
4-7 yrs <39.5 41 43.5 7 4x daily
>39.5 40 40.5 5 4x daily
8-12 yrs <39.5 41 43.5 12 Daily
>39.5 40 41 5 2x a day
13-19 yrs <39.5 41 44 13-19 Daily
>39.5 40 43.5 7-10 2x a day
>20 yrs <39.5 41 44.5 20 Daily
>39.5 40 44 10-12 Daily



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Start treatment before diagnosis is complete.

Treatment is continued till temperature is near normal - 2-3 days

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