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Most headaches are...

  • distortion or irritation of the blood vessels in the head or
  • tight muscles of the head or neck.

Most are due to nervous tension


  • Immune System Maintenance
  • Avoid all toxins - tobacco, drugs, caffeine, alcohol, fumes
  • Get plenty of fresh air, avoid air conditioning
  • Make sure shoulders and neck are covered if sleeping in air conditioned room.
  • If working in air conditioning make sure the legs and feet are warm.
  • Keep to a regular schedule
  • Eat only at meal times
  • Avoid rich or heavy high protein food.
  • Do not eat late at night.
  • Don't eat too many varieties of food at one meal.
  • Don't use anything with a milk-sugar-egg mix.
  • Avoid any allergy causing food.
  • Eat high fibre diet to keep transit time down.
  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Maintain good posture.
  • Exercise outside daily.


  • What is the cause? Have you ignored one of the Eight Natural Remedies?

Three Step Treatment, if one step doesn't work move to next:-

  1. Hot Foot Bath with Cold Compress to head 20min
  2. Head Alternate Applications
  3. Simultaneous to Head

or try:

For Tension headaches


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General Method:


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General Method:


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Three types

1. Functional headaches:

2. Organic Headaches

3. Circulatory headaches: