Cold Sponge


from Dr JH Kellogg's Hydriatic Techniques...

21, 15-24°C

a Tonic Friction


  • basin of water
  • large bath sponge or course towel
  • 4 dry towels
  • a standing foot bath
  • Standing with Hot Foot Bath 40-43°C,
  • Bends forward for sponge 10°C to head, neck and face repeatedly
  • Stands straight then 18°C to chest, abdomen, back arms and legs
  • Step out, cover with sheet and cold pour to feet
  • Rapidly rub dry
  • Exercise or Dry Friction
  • Lying Sponge is administered on a large towel and in the same order as a Cold Mitten Friction
  • Each part is sponged for 3-5sec, 3-5sec for hand rubbing then 5- 10 sec for drying.

Revulsive Cold Sponge:

1-10°C vigorous rubbing and spatting in:

Refrigerant in extreme Fevers

  • Very wet sponge, rub with hands
  • then dry with towel finally with dry hand to successive areas
  • don't move on until good reaction
  • continue until shivering indicates drop in temperature
  • DO NOT use in Retention Fevers


  • 10-15°C
  • squeeze dry
  • short and vigorous until reaction occurs in:

Training for stronger Tonic treatments


Ice cold 2x a day with Cooling Compress in interval in: