Hot Blanket Pack

Hot-blanket Pack


from Hydrothermic Remedies...

First Blanket Water 75°C, Water Bottles 70°C, Foot Bath 40°C



A general application of heat followed by a cold mitten friction for general body heat and tonic effect.

Physiologic Effects

  1. To elevate body temperature
  2. To cause profuse sweating
  3. To cause vasodilation
  4. To soothe nerves
  5. To relax muscles
  6. To increase pulse rate
  7. To dull sensation and relieve pain (due to colic from gall or kidney stones)


  1. Person who has taken a Chill (to elevate body temperature)
  2. Retention Fever - cold-skin fever
  3. Chronic Rheumatic Pains (joint and muscular)
  4. Chronic Neuritis in Neuralgia
  5. Childhood Fevers
  6. Sciatica
  7. Gout
  8. Colic


  1. Diabetes
  2. Production Fever with hot, sweaty skin
  3. Aged or feeble person
  4. Skin Eruptions
  5. Pregnancy or menstruation
  6. Tuberculosis
  7. Atherosclerosis
  8. Heart Disease


  1. Three large blankets
  2. Two Hot Water Bottles half filled with water at 70°C
  3. Basin of ice water with Cold Compresses for head and heart
  4. A pitcher of hot water for Hot Water Drinking, a tumbler, a straw
  5. Four towels
  6. Hot Foot Bath at 40°C
  7. Large basin for dipping blanket at 75°C


Important Considerations

  • Make sure the blanket is wrung dry of all water - patient may be scalded otherwise, (blanket also cools off much faster if not wrung properly)
  • Use Cold Compresses or Ice Bag over the heart if fainting or fibrillation
  • Patient must be brought to profuse perspiration. If not the treatment may result in heat prostration.
  • Ensure the patient is not chilled after treatment
  • Envelop Hot Water Bottles with the dry blanket layers

Preparation for Treatment


  • Soak the other blanket in hot water at 70°C. Wring out thoroughly.
  • Spread hot blanket over the bed
  • Place three towels over the hot blanket where the shoulders, hips and heels will rest.
  • Assist the patient onto the bed
  • Wrap quickly (as in Wet Sheet Pack) leaving head and neck exposed.
  • Fold a towel lengthwise and wrap around neck and blanket to prevent air getting in
  • Place one Hot Water Bottle between the feet and one between the legs (wrapped in a towel)
  • Envelop patient in the dry outer blanket
  • Keep head and heart cool with Cold Compresses
  • Monitor temporal pulse and respiration every 5 minutes (ensure patient is conscious - quickly unwrap the patient and apply Ice Bag to heart if unconscious or evidence of fibrillation or overheating)
  • Give patient hot water to drink
  • If patient does not perspire in a short time, give hot water to drink.
  • Continue treatment until pack ceases having a heating effect or patient is sweating profusely. Can be 5 to twenty minutes.

Completion of Treatment

  • Conclude treatment by Cold Mitten Friction or Cold Towel Rub, treating one part at a time.
  • Cover parts with a dry blanket after they are treated to protect against chilling
  • Ensure the patient is warm. Place a Hot Water Bottle at the patient's feet and allow to rest for an hour.
  • Put materials and equipment away.


from Dr JH Kellogg's Hydriatic Techniques...

70°C Antipyretic


  • All except one blanket spread over plastic covered bed so they just cover the pillow.
  • The other blanket is rapidly wrung from 70°C water, spread on bed
  • The naked patient lies and is wrapped as for Wet Sheet Pack
  • Hot Water Bottle to feet for additional heat.
  • Take oral temperature before, during and after and ensure it does not rise in fevers

Heating in:

Eliminative or Spoliatives in:

Derivative in


  • Use in acute conditions and sparingly in chronic cases
  • Take care not to burn in cases where skin sensation is impaired


from Dr GK Abbott's Prescriptions...

Derivative Diaphoretics



  • 2 Double blankets
  • 1 Hot Water Bottle ½ filled 70°C - wrapped in 1-layer blanketing
  • 3 spine bags (long Hot Water Bottles) ½ filled 70°C - wrapped in 1-layer blanketing
  • bowl of ice water for Cooling Compress
  • 2 towels
  • jug of hot drinking water, tumbler and straw



  • Dry blanket spread on bed
  • Cooling Compress to head while patient still in foot bath
  • Fold other blanket in half, wring as dry as possible from boiling water, unfold quickly and place over dry blanket.
  • Assist patient onto blanket
  • Wrap entire body except head in the hot blanket. Ensure blanket contacts the skin, no air spaces to be left near skin.
  • Place wrapped spine bags (long Hot Water Bottles): between legs 7 on sides of the trunk
  • Place wrapped Hot Water Bottle on feet
  • Tuck both blankets in well, especially at feet and neck and shoulders to exclude air
  • Protect chin with soft towel
  • Place Cooling Compress on head and neck. Replace often.
  • Precordial Compress if needed
  • If no perspiration within 10min, give Hot Foot Bath, if still no sweating cease treatment.
  • Continue 20-30min - until ceases to be heating
  • Tonic - 5-10 min
  • Finish with Cold Mitten Friction; cover each part as it is done



  • Blanket is wrung from boiling water, spread quickly over a dry blanket and quickly wrap patient.
  • a thin dry blanket may be used next to patient
  • do not include arms in the pack
  • Hot Water Bottle over abdomen and down sides maintain heat