Dr Kellogg

Dr Kellogg says...


Measures that are radically curative in character by no means always produce an amelioration of symptoms as soon as they are applied. Time must be allowed for the healing processes of nature to proceed to completion. Recovery from disease is a thing which requires time, like the growth of a plant. Good judgement and good sense are necessary for the interpreting the meaning of an exacerbation of the symptoms in a case under hydriatic treatment, whether they might be termed accidental, or merely functional symptoms as, for example, pain, loss of appetite or energy, or whether they are of a destructive character, as manifested by ulceration, suppuration, sloughing etc. In any case they cannot be regarded as in any way favorable, and demand and immediate change of the prescription or the application of measures for their suppression. pp 420,1

Jet, Spray and Fan Douche


from Dr JH Kellogg's Hydriatic Techniques...

A stream of water or vapor directed against the body generally or locally, there are many types at all temperatures Kellogg used only of external douches, internal he called irrigations.

Remember the temperature of the water will drop 1°C for a cold douche and over 2°C for a hot douche as it passes through the air from the apparatus to the patient's skin.


Where reaction is to be avoided:


from Dr GK Abbott's Prescriptions...

  • The projection of one or more columns of water against a part of the body.
  • Very useful as the effect of almost every other form of treatment given to the ambulatory, may be approached or even exceeded.

Attachments needed:

  • Straight jet nozzle with percussion attachment
  • Spray nozzle - 5cm flat faced
  • Fan Douche nozzle - can use finger over the straight nozzle or broken, can also have flat attachment
  • Stool with open seat and attached up-shot spray to Perineal Douche
  • Jet Nozzle - percussion if desired
  • Before the douche - Patient dips hands in cold water and bathes face and head.
  • Begin and end with feet in all applications - better results
    • Cerebral circulation is steadied
  • Follow the pattern of application, changing as necessary
  • Keep index finger in contact with stream of water to prevent burning.
  • Keep hand steady, apply accurately to part and constantly observe thermometers.
  • Changes from hot to cold must be abrupt - best to have 2 douche units each with its own mixer so both can be kept going through the whole treatment, changes made using the 2 alternately and instantaneously.