Massage Douche

Dr Kellogg

Dr Kellogg says...

Massage Douche

(The cold massage douche) is without doubt the most powerful of hydriatic procedures especially with the use of the horizontal douche at high pressure, or the percussion douche... a most powerful Tonic and alterative measure. p487

Indeed it may be justly said that there is no other known means by which such powerful revulsive and fluxion Fluxion effects may be produced as by the massage douche. p 488,9


from Dr JH Kellogg's Hydriatic Techniques...

  • Kneading massage combined with a simultaneous percussion or jet douche.
  • Best on the back, abdomen and limbs.
  • Effects go very deep.
  • Use two therapists, one for the massage the other the douche
  • Massage should be intermittent kneading pressure, strong enough to affect the underlying muscles and joints and their blood vessels.

Cold: Very powerful Tonic or Spoliatives in:

  • Any situation where cold douche is indicated but poorly tolerated
  • training for the cold douche

General cold spoliative in:

Local cold: excellent Derivative to legs in:

Fluxion, Derivative and Tonic in:

Very Hot 40°C and up : Powerful Derivative Analgesic in

Neutral: 33-37°C Derivative:


  • Same as Cold Douche unless used in one area then moved to another when a reaction is reached, until the body is covered
  • Inflamed, congested joints painful to the touch. Can treat the area above the joint for Derivation