Eyeball Inflammations

SYN: Iritis, retinitis eye strain, conjunctivitis, keratitis, trachoma, ecchymoses, dacryocystitis, ophthalmia, corneal ulcer, blepharitis.


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Iritis: very painful, usually with red iris, photophobia, associated with systemic diseases



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Treatment Method:


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Eye strain - errors in eye refraction - Analgesic


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See also External Eye Inflammations

Acute stage: in association with appropriate antiseptics

  • Cooling Compress (4-6 thicknesses of gauze wrung from ice- water or kept on ice) renewed when warmed (2-3min) continuously for 30min, off for 30min then repeat.
  • Cooling Coil (8cm), ice in collecting can for renewing both with...
    • occasional brief hot gauze compress or small Fomentations to side of face for Derivation or...
    • wrapped ice over eye with brief larger Fomentations over eye, forehead and cheek.

After acuteness subsides:

In Infections: High intake of vitamin A through carrot juice or supplement

Trachoma: after operation, Cooling Coil

Ecchymoses (haemorrhage into skin and mucous membrane)

Corneal ulcer: 30sec UV from mercury vapour lamp direct through quartz applicator covered with foil to to the exact size of the ulcer

Blepharitis: lids closed and slightly everted, UV via quartz applicator kept moving for 2 min.