Alternate Compress


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Compresses as described for the Cold Compress to the head may be applied hot. The temperature of the hot water should be as hot but not hotter than can be tolerated by the hand or the operator. The compress should be re-applied every 1-3 minutes. Likewise, compresses can be applied alternately using hot and cold water. The lasting 30 seconds to 1 minute. For the cold, one may lightly rub a small block of ice over the area. Compresses are used in areas that cannot be immersed in water. An example of such an area is the eyes. Robert M. Shrewsbury, MD



Hot compress, wrung from water as hot as the operator can tolerate, applied for 1-3 minutes followed by rub with an ice block lasting 30 seconds to 1 minute.


If very painful, use as a Revulsive Compress i.e. one change, very hot to very short, very cold.

  1. Eyeball Inflammations


  1. Terry face cloth approx 30x30 cm. Fold firstin half, repeat parallel fold to 4 thickness.
  2. Ice cube

Procedure for eye treatment

Preparation for Treatment

  • Keep eyes shut under the compresses and the ice
  • Have patient stand bent over the sink.
  • Regulate hot water to touch tolerance


  • Wet the folded terry cloth to dripping with hot water. Hold hands to feel how hot the water is while applied.
  • Apply to face over eyes and to temples including the brows. CAUTION: lightly
  • As soon as comfortable, reheat rapidly to tolerance. Repeat re-heating as rapidly as necessary. Continue heat for 3 minutes by the clock.
  • Repeat the hot and cold cycle three times. This is one full treatment.
  • The treatment is most useful if done at a set time regularly. The longer the course of the treatment, the more satisfactory its results.


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Fomentations for as long or longer than Cold Compress change 15-30sec

Powerful Fluxion, Excitant, Revulsives in

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