Infectious Arthritis


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from Dr GK Abbott's Prescriptions...

Arthritis in

In the Acute Stage:

  • bed rest
  • Therapeutic Fever
  • cover joint with thick flannel then pack with crushed ice or
    • surround by Ice Bag - 30-60min or until numb - but NOT freezing
  • the more acute the inflammation the greater the total duration 2-3x daily, can treat 2-3 joints at a time.
  • with simultaneous Hot Foot Bath, Hot Water Bottle or
  • replace ice if severe inflammation
  • ordinarily interval Joint Compress

after these treatments, create reaction by :

After first day use local heat, up to 3 joints at a time, 2x a day, heat must be extreme and prolonged...

any of the above finished with Cold Mitten Friction

When inflammation somewhat subsided for hands, wrists, ankles or feet use extreme:

In the Chronic Stage: