Rheumatoid Arthritis

SYN: Rheumatics, rheumatic diathesis and chronic rheumatism


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Causes: Stress, fatigue, allergy, injury, infection, cold or damp climate and heredity.

This disease needs a Doctor to treat. All these treatments are adjuncts to medical management and should be applied GENTLY.


  • Alternate Baths - 38-43°C 6min and 10-18°C 4min
  • Ice Massage and Ice Pack in acute cases and Heat in any suitable form (including general body heating) in the chronic cases.
  • For advanced or crippling cases:
  • Therapeutic Diet - may be allergic to nightshades or citrus
  • Rest - daily naps, regular bed time
  • Early to bed, late nights damage joints
  • Moderate graduated exercise - swimming and pool exercise - daily gentle range of movement
  • Daily Sun Bath up to 30min
  • Gentle Trigger Point Workup
  • Ice Massage or Aloe Vera
  • Tea Tree Oil - five drops in a small amount of other oil and massaged in to each joint.
  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Stress control through trust in God.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is best controlled by changes in lifestyle...



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General Method:

Clinical Problems:



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Inflammation Fever

If all joints are affected use...


  • Keep all heat treatments brief to avoid weakening resistance
  • Sweating Pack in flare


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"...physical therapy is the only treatment of definitely proved value in the treatment of chronic arthritis."


Physical measures used:

  1. Rest - general and local by splints
  2. Heat
    • infrared lamp
    • Fomentations - however dry heat better
    • paraffin bath for hands or feet 54-57°C
  3. Massage - after heat - begin with light stroking and eventually to petrissage - most valuable
  4. Exercise - simple and light - not to pain - ROM - after acute
  5. Hubbards tank - hydrotherapy

Sun Bath - to improve skin health

Acute stage:

Chronic stage use: Tonic Sedatives

often due to

to treat this use thorough...

In Obesity use Diaphoretics followed by Graduated Tonic Cold, build to

  • Alternate Douche (percussion) especially to spine and legs with 5 changes. Followed by either rest or exercise depending on condition

Later in disease use

In Emaciation and Anaemia

For painful feet:

If patient is very weak, bed or wheelchair-bound...