Hot Air Bath


from Dr JH Kellogg's Hydriatic Techniques...

71, 43-82°C to profuse perspiration.

Eliminative, Sudorific

  • (55-70°C) 15-20min
  • then 30min in warm blankets with hot water drinking throughout 100mls every 5min
  • 30 min gradual cooling begin at 36°C, 20sec down to 25°C and hold for 45sec or until pulse and skin is normal.
  • Use sparingly


  • brief - then tepid spray 1-3min then graduated 2min with rubbing
  • in severe cases cool by gradual evaporation over 30 min ie. partial uncovering in


Heating before cold - just enough to produce gentle sweating followed by very short general cold especially to affected area in:-