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At first sign of coming migraine:

  • Seat person in chair, head hanging down between knees.
  • Gently pour ice water on base of skull so it flows forward through the hair and into a pan placed between the feet. 30sec
  • Blot dry briefly
  • Patient sits up promptly and elevates feet on a stool
  • Pour ice water over feet for 60sec, or better, Cold Douche to soles of feet for 2 min
  • Apply pressure to temples with heels of hands, 3min and release slowly over 1min.
  • Repeat every 2 hours until migraine gone

or ...

Use every headache treatment available and repeat if unsuccessful


from Dr JH Kellogg's Prescriptions...

General Method:

Etiological Problems:

Pathological Problems:

Clinical Problems:


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a Neuropathic Headache

Is caused by both Toxaemia (metabolic) and hyperaemia, and many times is also reflex in...

Immediate relief is not usually achieved, success comes only after a painstaking, diligent and often prolonged search for the cause.

If Visceral Gout...

  • Purine-free diet
  • Eliminative and Tonic hydrotherapy
  • Fresh air and sunshine for months or years

If reflex...

  • find the diseased organ or function and treat
  • Outdoor work one of the most beneficial means of treatment