General Pail Pour


from Hydrothermic Remedies...



A quick pouring of cold water over the body, usually after a heating treatment.

Physiologic Effects

Tonic effects as follows

  1. increase blood and lymph flow in the skin, raising blood pressure
  2. increase glandular activity
  3. increase depth of respiration
  4. increase metabolism
  5. increase production of red and white blood cells
  6. stimulate the immune system and increase phagocytosis
  7. decrease fatigue
  8. to maintain the reaction to a heat treatment for longer


  1. Long-term conditions indicating poor condition or fitness such as
    1. Anaemia
    2. Frequent Colds
    3. Frequent Infections
    4. Fatigue or lack of energy
    5. Headaches
    6. Insomnia
  2. After Russian Steam Bath, Hot Tub Bath Salt Glow.
  3. After a Hot Half Bath or Revulsive Sitz pour over the hips and legs only.


  1. The patient must be warm before treatment.
  2. perform the treatment quickly to prevent chilling.
  3. Do not use for patients who cannot tolerate cold
  4. Do not use for patients who have heart disease


  1. One large towel
  2. three containers to hold at least 2 litres of hot water
  3. thermometer
  4. Hot Foot Bath with water at 40°C, 104°F
  5. Cold Compress for the top of the head


Important Considerations

  • Patient should be warm

Preparation for Treatment


  • Have the patient at least exposed to the waist, stand or sit on a stool in a shower or bath tub
  • If the patient has not just come from a heat treatment, stand or sit with feet in Hot Foot Bath. After hot bath simply stand in bathtub with the hot water still in it.
  • Cold Compress to the top of the head
  • Quickly pour 1-3 pails of cold water over the shoulders, chest and back. Start with warmest water.
    • The first pail has water at 38°C, 100°F
    • the second: 27-32°C, 80-90°F (tap/faucet temperature)
    • the third: 18-27°C, 65-80°F
    • If the patient has just come from a heat treatment use colder water.
    • As the patient becomes used to the treatment decrease the temperature of the water until last pail 10°C, 50°F
    • For children after a Hot Half Bath, only one pour at 10°C, 50°F.

Completion of Treatment

  • Vigorously and briskly, rub the patient down with a towel until completely dry.
  • Have the patient rest.
  • Ensure the patient has an exercise program.


from Dr JH Kellogg's Hydriatic Techniques...

Cold 15, 13-18°C, 60, 55-69°F;
Cool 24, 21-27°C, 75, 70-80°F;
Tepid 30-35°C, 86-85°F;
Hot 45, 40-60°C, 113, 104-140°F

Cold In:

Tepid Pail Pour:

Antipyretic in all Fevers but especially

Very Short Hot Pour:

good Antipyretic after cooling treatment in

Contra-indications to Cold Pour: