Nervous Tension

SYN: Stress


from Hydrothermic Remedies...


Affects the nerves, glands organs and blood vessels

Can produce:


  • Hot Shower or Cold Shower as preferred
  • Neutral Tub Bath or Hot Mitten Friction at night.
  • Cold Mitten Friction in the morning
  • Towel Bath
  • Fomentations
  • Russian Bath
  • Massage
  • Avoid irritants in alcohol, tobacco, tea, coffee and colas
  • Avoid vinegar, baking soda, pepper and spices
  • Avoid over stimulating reading, viewing or conversation
  • Avoid any kind of drugs as they stress the nerves, use hydro
  • Therapeutic Diet to get enough vitamin C and D and minerals
  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Daily outdoor exercise especially walking or gardening
  • Adequate sleep, even naps during the day
  • Positive response to challenges
  • Trust God and develop cheerfulness
  • For long-term relief of stress try Meditating with Jesus, a simple technique I developed for people with dementia. To learn the technique, go to the User-Experience Survey where you will complete a brief survey and join a simple study to assess if Meditating with Jesus does actually work.

If the patient continues to develop more serious mental symptoms, consult a psychiatrist.