Russian Bath

Russian Bath
Russian Steam Bath
Covered Home Russian


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As the steam in the Russian Bath condenses, it liberates large amounts of heat, 537 calories for each gram. Thus there is an intense heating effect.


Treatment Options

Effect Steam After
Tonic 5-6 min Cold Mitten Friction
Sudorific (Cold/Flu) >15 min until sweating Cold Mitten Friction
Sedative >15 min Graduated Shower
Addictions >15 min Cold Mitten Friction and Massage


A body steam bath in which there is 100% humidity, given with the person sitting on a wooden chair, covered with a non-flammable plastic sheet.

Physiologic Effects

  1. To increase body temperature
  2. To increase metabolism
  3. To induce sweating
  4. It will increase pulse rate
  5. It will increase blood pressure
  6. It will cause active peripheral vasodilation
  7. It will increase leukocytosis and red cell count


  1. Rheumatoid Arthritis
  2. Gout
  3. Preparation for cold procedures such as the Cold Shower or Cold Tub Bath - 43-49°C / 110-120°F, 5-10 minutes
  4. To produce sweating 43-50°C / 110-122°F, 5-10 minutes
  5. Hypotension - follow with Cold Mitten Friction
  6. Symptoms of onset of Cold or Influenza-like disease - daily, 3-4 days
  7. Sedative effects (15-20 minutes) in Nervous Tension
  8. Alcoholism, Tobacco Recovery, Drug Addictions and Coffee Addiction

Contraindications or Cautions

  1. Diabetes
  2. Valvular Heart lesions
  3. Emaciation
  4. Advanced Arteriosclerosis
  5. Hypertension

Equipment for Home Russian Bath

  1. An old wooden chair
  2. Teakettle and hot plate (or Rice Cooker)
  3. Plastic cover (shower curtain sewed together does fine)
  4. 3 Towels (for draping around neck, over shoulders and over knees to keep plastic from directly touching the skin.
  5. Hot Foot Bath and Cold Compress equipment.
  6. Ice Bag
  7. Watch with a second hand
  8. Drinking glass with tap water (not cold)


Important Considerations

  • Place Ice Bag over the heart if pulse is 80 bpm or above
  • Stop treatment if pulse goes above 140 bpm
  • Do not let steam from kettle hit the patient's legs
  • Patient may become dizzy or faint.

Preparation for Treatment

  • Assemble materials
  • Have room warm and free from drafts.


  • Heat the teakettle on the hot plate which has been set up under the wooden chair (spout facing away from the patient's legs)
  • Wrap patient in a sheet; have patient sit on chair that is over the heating teakettle
  • Give patient a Hot Foot Bath to pre-warm and apply a Cold Compress to the head; maintain foot bath at the best temperature for the patient throughout the treatment (40-43°C / 104-110°F).
  • Remove sheet, place a towel around shoulders and neck and over the knees.
  • Drape plastic cover around the patient's neck and chair, covering the body from the neck down, like a tent, including the foot bath.
  • Give patient and Ice Bag for the heart to keep heart-rate down
  • Head remains out; apply Cold Compress to head
  • Check pulse frequently at temple or side of the neck
  • Encourage drinking of hot water, if necessary to hasten sweating
  • Duration: Tonic 6 minutes, Sedative 15-20 minutes
  • May give medicated inhalation by adding 2 teaspoons of eucalyptus to each litre of water in the kettle.
  • Periodically allow the patient to inhale the steam.

Completion of Treatment

Procedure for Steam Room in clinic or hospital


  • Patient undress and wear gown
  • Drape off at door
  • Head out for most treatments, in for inhalation
  • Cold Compress to head, change frequently
  • Check pulse when change Cold Compress
  • Attendant stays nearby and checks frequently

Completion of Treatment

  • Close steam
  • Drape as they come out.


from Dr JH Kellogg's Hydriatic Techniques...

48, 45-50°C / 118, 113-121°F 10-20min

Especially useful for

Revulsives in



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