Heating Trunk Pack

SYN: Half Pack, Trunk Pack


from Dr JH Kellogg's Hydriatic Techniques...

A. Definition

this pack is given in the same manner as the Wet Sheet Pack except only the trunk from the armpits to below the hips is are covered. The arms and legs are excluded.

B. Physiological Effects-

  • the pack is left on until the heating stage is reached and so it causes the skin temperature to rise, blood vessels of the skin to dilate and blood is drawn away from the congested organs of the abdomen.
  • It promotes gastric secretion and gastric and intestinal digestion.
  • Liver activity is normalized
  • Normalizes motility of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Vomiting is relieved.
  • Gas formation is decreased because digestion is more efficient.

C. Indications

D. Contraindications or Cautions

F. Equipment

  • Large blankets - 2
  • Sheets - 3
  • Pillow
  • Fomentations - 3 or Hot Water Bottle
  • Large buckets - 2 One for Hot Foot Bath
  • Towels - 3
  • Basin for ice water
  • Friction mitts
  • Compress cloths - 2
  • Plastic sheet to protect bed
  • Bucket of cold water (60-70°F 15-20°C)

G. Procedure

  • Preparation for treatment
    • Explain procedure to patient
    • Have the room warm and free from drafts
    • Assemble materials
    • Prepare Hot Foot Bath (104°F, 40°C)
    • Prepare Hot Water Bottle 135°F, 57°C half full.
    • Protect bedding
    • Have the patient void
    • Have the patient undress completely and drape in a sheet
    • Keep the patient warm
  • Treatment
    • Place a single blanket across the bed so that the upper edge is at shoulder level. Cover completely with a dry sheet.
    • Fold a sheet until it is as wide as the distance from axilla to below the hips. Soak in the cold water; wring as dry as possible; spread over the blanket.
    • The nude patient lies on the wet sheet, while arms are raised, one end of the sheet is pulled tightly across and around the trunk. Rub the sheet over with the hands to ensure good skin contact.
    • Place a Hot Water Bottle over the stomach area on top of the sheet. Then wrap the other end of the sheet about the trunk, over the Hot Water Bottle.
    • Snugly wrap the blanket over the patient, tuck in the ends.
    • Place the feet in the Hot Foot Bath.
    • Drape a sheet or blanket over the patient and the foot bath.
    • Apply cold compress to the head if the patient desires.
    • Remove the foot bath after 20 minutes or anytime marked sweating is produced. Pour cold water over the feet, dry thoroughly and wrap in a towel if treatment is continuing.
    • Finish with a Cold Mitten Friction to the area covered by the pack and the legs.
    • Duration depends on the severity of the condition being treated.


Sedative In:


from Dr GK Abbott's Prescriptions...

  • Same as Wet Sheet Pack except it includes only the trunk and hips, not the arms or legs.
  • Full blanket spread on table
  • Sheet wrung from 15°C water, folded to cover from hips to axilla, placed on blanket
  • Patient lies on sheet, which is drawn tightly around the trunk
  • Dry blanket folded over
  • Simultaneous moderate Hot Foot Bath
  • Dry blanket must cover limbs but not so as to cause general perspiration
  • 20-25min finish with Cold Mitten Friction or Alternate Douche to parts covered and feet and legs.