Cooling Pack

SYN: Evaporating sheet


from Dr JH Kellogg's Hydriatic Techniques...


  • Gently wring sheet from water 15-20°C. Begin at 15°C and make each sheet 1°C warmer.
  • Make sure is in good contact with the patient's skin
  • Cover only lightly - Renewed as soon as sheet is warm (5-7 min in high fever) with a second sheet from a fresh bucket of cold water
  • Wring used sheet of warm water before putting in bucket use two sheets on adjacent couches
  • Continue to 5 or more changes, by then the temperature should be down 0.5°C or below 38.5°C
  • Rub limbs over the sheet with each change
  • Each application is longer than preceding
  • Never allow stage II Wet Sheet Pack, Neutral Pack, to be reached

In all Fevers


from Dr GK Abbott's Prescriptions...

First stage of Wet Sheet Pack from 5-12min before the sheet has been warmed

powerful Antipyretic

  • When sheet begins to warm, remove and apply another or fold blanket back and sprinkle sheet with cold water
  • With vigorous patients omit dry blanket and wring sheet lightly so considerable water is left in it, and patient is fanned to hasten evaporation.
  • Water is constantly sprinkled on the sheet. The more water sprinkled on the greater the Antipyretic effect.

In Typhoid Fever use constant rubbing (not percussion) and do not remove sheet but sprinkle water on.

Hot evaporating sheet

Antipyretic and lessens heat production by atonic reaction to the heat.

  • Wring from hot water, no blanket covering.
  • Used where there is chilliness.