Heating Pelvic Pack


from Dr GK Abbott's Prescriptions...

not as good as Sitz

Mild Tonic Derivative

  • equalises pelvic circulation, reduce congestion,
  • relaxes hypertonic muscles, stimulates atonic
  • Spread a blanket on the table as for a full pack
  • Fold a single sheet to form a square then diagonally to form a triangle.
  • Place this on blanket with base upward, apex down, so that it can be folded around the pelvis when the patient lies down.
  • Over this place a similarly folded sheet, well wrung from water at 15°C
  • Patient lies, legs flexed, knees separated, the apex of sheets brought up into close contact with perineum and spread over abdomen
  • Pull in sides of triangle so that sheet covers the hips and upper thigh
  • Cover pack with dry flannel
  • If Pelvic Pain or distress use Hot Water Bottle or Hot Coil over lower abdomen or suprapubic region.
  • Cover patient with large blanket
  • Continue 20-30min