Peripheral Circulatory Tonic

Dr Kellogg

Dr Kellogg says...

Peripheral Circulatory Tonic

One of the most important, but not sufficiently appreciated, effects of hydric applications consists in the modification of the elasticity and tonus of both the vessel walls and the tissues. As a loss of tonus and elasticity in vessels produce stasis, hyperemia, and predisposes to inflammation, the restoration of tonus of the vessels and tissues removes the disease of the vessels thus caused.

It has been clearly demonstrated that diminished tone of the vessels and tissues produces a... decided diminution of cardiac energy, and that the restoration of vessel tone will, to a marked degree, remove the derangements... produced by organic ailments of the heart. From a hydriatic standpoint, the loss of vessel tone is a symptom the removal of which is of the highest importance to restore normal conditions of the circulation. pp 871,2


from Dr JH Kellogg's Hydriatic Techniques...