Wet Sheet Rub

Dr Kellogg

Dr Kellogg says...

Wet Sheet Rub

Indeed, the wet-sheet pack is one of the most useful of hydrotherapeutic procedures, as it combines at once very powerful effects, great convenience and universality of application, and remarkable flexibility for modification to suit different pathological conditions. It is a powerful means of influencing the general nutrition through its effects upon the sympathetic nervous system, and through it upon all the processes of secretion, circulation, assimilation and excretion. While less perturbing than the douche, it is still capable of producing in a more gradual, gentle manner, most profound impressions on the whole vital economy. p611

Rubbing over the Sheet


from Hydrothermic Remedies...



  • Patient should be warm
  • Apply Cold Compress to head
  • Patient stands in Hot Foot Bath or tub bath if just finished
  • Wring a sheet from cold water so it does not drip
  • Wrap patient as follows:
    • have him raise his arms and place upper left corner of sheet under the right arm and have him lower his arm to hold it
    • Pass sheet in front of the body under the left arm which is lowered, then across the back and up over the right shoulder
    • Pass across the front over the left shoulder and tuck corner in the sheet behind
    • Tuck sheet between the patient's legs
  • Rub vigorously and give percussion over the hole sheet as quickly as possible until the sheet is thoroughly warmed. (Rub over the sheet don't rub the patient with the sheet)
  • Two attendants give the best results
  • Dry with a sheet and towels



from Dr JH Kellogg's Hydriatic Techniques...


Tonic, Fluxion, Derivative, Antiphlogistic


Tonic Derivative

Wrung dry out of 15°C water, with Hot Foot Bath 40-43°C to prevent congestion in...


Short duration, dry sheets and vigorous rubbing to prevent thermic reaction in:



from Dr GK Abbott's Prescriptions...

Very vigorous Tonic. Do not use until patient reacts well to Cold Towel Rub

  • Patient stands in a tub of hot water.
  • Begin with sheet wrung almost dry.
  • Rub over the sheet until skin is warm then quickly dry the patient with sheets or towels.
  • Later use colder, wetter sheets. When reacting well move to Dripping Sheet