from Hydrothermic Remedies...

Three types

  1. Nutritional - Deficiency usually of iron or protein sometimes of niacin, copper, Vitamin C, rarely Vitamin B12. Or chronic blood loss. eg. Pernicious Anaemia,
  2. Excessive blood destruction - from exposure to toxic chemicals or viral infections, disease of the blood forming organs or hereditary. eg. Drug-Induced Anaemia
  3. Depression of Bone marrow - similar causes to 2.


  • short Cold Tub Bath to stimulate bone marrow
  • General Pail Pour
  • Drink water freely
  • Eat green leafy vegetables, whole grains and beans. Avoid dairy products as they contain little iron and bind other iron.
  • Eight hours of sleep at night
  • Exercise to stimulate bone marrow and iron absorption and to neutralise stress.
  • Daily Sun Bath to stimulate blood formation.
  • Deep breathing exercise.
  • Prevent chilling.


from Dr JH Kellogg's Hydriatic Techniques...

Easily exhausted - use short Graduated Tonic Cold with short heat to warm the skin

see Visceral Anaemias for local problems




followed by


Mildest Tonic




from Dr GK Abbott's Prescriptions...


  • Anaemic Headache
  • Dyspepsia
  • Easily exhausted - use short Graduated Tonic Cold with short heat
  • The cause is always deficient blood making activity and increased destruction of red cells
  • It is always accompanied by - defective digestion and poor assimilation. These can be caused by bad food, intestinal infections or putrification. Diet will be ineffective unless digestion and assimilation are improved.
  • Iron supplements actually derange digestion and assimilation. Egg yolks, fresh greens, fruit, grain and nuts supply sufficient and absorbable iron.


  • Aseptic Diet to improve diet
  • Graduated Tonic Cold to improve circulation and increase blood making.
  • Heating Pack Combine with outdoor life, fresh air and sunshine.
  • Begin with daily Swedish massage especially deep kneading for 45 min (this increases RBC temporarily but longer with repetition).
  • Begin early Graduated Tonic Cold with short local heating to spine or feet. Build over weeks to short Electric Light Bath followed by stronger Tonics.
  • Full Sun Bath and Air Bath both increase haemoglobin and RBC as well as lifting mood.
  • Remove known causes.