SYN: Goitre, Goiter, enlarged thyroid gland, exophthalmic goiter, parenchymatous goitre


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The Thyroid Gland affects the metabolism of every cell in the body.

Hyperthyroidism or Overactive thyroid causes:-

  • Increased body temperature
  • Increased pulse rate
  • Occasional diarrhea with constipation between
  • Large appetite without weight gain or even loss
  • Mental state resembling Mania

Treat an Overactive thyroid gland by:-

  • Alternate Compress to neck and upper chest (over the thyroid) Hot 6min, ice cold 45sec 4 changes, 2x daily for 1 week then in the morning only, for 30 days. or
  • Ice Pack 30 min daily around noon - suppress thyroid activity
  • Neutral Tub Bath 1 hour daily
  • Cold Mitten Friction
  • increase Water intake
  • Two teaspoons of charcoal, mid morning, mid-afternoon and at bedtime for 30 days - regulates bowels and absorbs excess hormone
  • Exercise outdoors in the cool hours - don't over-exercise
  • Avoid iodised salt, cheese and wine
  • Eat plenty of cabbage-like vegetables.

Contraindications in severe cases


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General Method:

Pathological Problems

Clinical Problems:


  • Very hot or cold general applications


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For Retention Fever use:


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Enlargement of thyroid gland or goitre

Early stages:

  • nervous, restless, irritable, insomnia, fine tremor or hands
  • mental activity increase, rapid ideation


  • rapid pulse 100-160bpm
  • skin warm, moist, sweaty, vasodilation, fever
  • asthenia, languor
  • enlarged thyroid (goitre) due to increased vascularity and hypertrophy
  • later - eyes bulge, lids closed with difficulty, eye dry due to dilation of orbital vessels

Aims of treatment:

  • reduce blood supply and decrease thyroxin secretion
  • slow heart rate and restore skin vessels to normal tone


usually excellent results in patients over 30, those 18-20 recover spontaneously in 3-4 years

If extremely nervous or insomniac...

If cold extremities:

After surgery if thermic reaction...

3 days usually sufficient