Effervescent Bath

SYN: Nauheim bath


from Hydrothermic Remedies...

33°C, 35°C in feeble, daily for 3 days and one off

  • Avoid exhausting patient, wait until breathing is quiet before entering.
  • For very feeble administer on alternate days
  • wet chest before entering
  • Rub limbs during the bath
  • Avoid chilling
  • Increase the intensity as patient is accustomed

Antiphlogistic, Tonic, Eliminative in:


from Dr GK Abbott's Prescriptions...

Uses carbonated salt water

If used carefully is the most powerful heart Stimulant or Heart Tonic especially for Cardiac Enlargement

Simplest formula see book for others

  • 2-3kg Sodium chloride
  • 400-700gm Sodium bicarbonate
  • 400gm Muriatic acid
  • Completely dissolve salts in in a 5cm of warm water in the tub gradually increase salts over the series
  • Fill bath so it is 30-34°C - cooler temperatures later in series
  • Mix acid with 1 litre of water then open the bottle under the bath water and moved around to distribute the acid.
  • Begin with 5-8min and extend to 15min through series
  • Cooling Compress to head and Precordial Compress
  • Do not rub patient
  • 3 baths per week for 3-4 weeks. Never more than 20 baths.


  • stimulates peripheral heart and cutaneous circulation
    • slows heart rate
    • Strengthens heart beat


In: Valvular Heart Disease

  • Not during acute endocardial inflammation
  • Prevent overstimulation by using cooler water and shorter times
  • Over stimulation seen as
    • palpitation
    • tachycardia
    • cyanosis
    • dyspnoea
  • Begin at 35°C for 5min then slowly down each treatment until
  • 27°C for 12min
  • Proximal Compress
  • 2-3x /week for 2-4 weeks up to 12 treatments then rest 2 weeks
  • rest for one hour after.