Tabes Dorsalis

SYN: Locomotor Ataxia, posterior spinal sclerosis and other muscular atrophies


from Dr JH Kellogg's Prescriptions...

General Methods:

  • build up the patient's health with gentle Graduated Tonic Cold but avoid cold where it increases pain
  • improve circulation to the spine
  • Retain muscle power and range by assisted exercises

Pathological Problems:

Clinical Problems:


  • Cold immersions, Cold Douche or cold applications to spine
  • Very hot applications


from Dr GK Abbott's Prescriptions...

in syphilis

In acute or pre-ataxic stage use Pure Sedatives

If disease progress is stopped then go onto...

Ataxic stage


For Charcot's joints use Fluxion see Infectious Arthritis


for painful joints see Joint Pain

Crises are difficult to treat but may be relieved by local heat

  • Lightning Pains are also difficult to treat but both may be relieved by building general vitality.