Continuous Tub Bath

SYN: continuous flowing tub-bath


from Dr JH Kellogg's Hydriatic Techniques...

Prolonged Neutral Tub Bath 35°C as long as required

  • Rub the skin at least once a day to prevent maceration

Skin disorders:


31°C whenever body temperature 39°C until 38°C then removed

Sedative 4-8 hrs daily in:


from Dr GK Abbott's Prescriptions...

Uses special tub 190cm long with

  • large outflow vent near the top
  • large drain so it can be emptied and cleaned quickly
  • inflow consisting of one large opening near head and smaller openings around the sides connected directly to the mixer
  • a mixing chamber with thermometer where water is mixed before inflow usually to 36.5°C
  • a continuous supply of hot water at constant temperature
  • continuous supply of cold water
  • inflow is reduced to a gentle stream when bath is full to overflowing
  • the patient is on canvas cot or hammock in the tub with a canvas cover and plastic pillow
  • Ice Bag on head
  • free Cold Water Drinking
  • attendant constantly present to check on patient and maintain temperature of bath by bath thermometer
  • very excited or violent patients should be in a dry sheet, pinned on, then placed in tub

Duration depends on degree of sedation required -

  • hours to days
  • if long term remove every 12 hours for bowel care and rubbing of skin with olive oil