Graduated Tub Bath


from Dr JH Kellogg's Hydriatic Techniques...

Most efficient Antipyretic - use where cold bath is contraindicated.

  • Begins at temperature 2°C below patient's body temperature,
  • Steadily lower at 1°C every 5 min, to 30°C while constantly rubbing.
  • Watch patient's reaction, hold temperature where most favourable
  • Every 3 hours, at fevers above 40°C up to ½ the patient's time

In feeble :-

  • First time go down to 32°C but very slowly
  • lower each day by 1°C until 22°C is reached

Use in: Production Fevers


from Dr GK Abbott's Prescriptions...

  • Skin must be warm
  • Cooling Compress to head
  • Patient comfortable with air pillow and hammock
  • Watch pulse and closely and take temperature every 10min
  • Begin at 36.5°C or 1°C below oral temperature
    • gradually reduce to 33°C or if chilled, commence constant rubbing
    • or use spinal bag of hot water.
    • continue to reduce to 30°C
  • On removal wrap and dry patient in sheet quickly
  • if chilly or goose flesh - hand rub briskly
  • if cyanotic - Hot Blanket Pack then Cold Mitten Friction