Pelvic Pack


from Dr JH Kellogg's Hydriatic Techniques...

  • Wool blanket over bed
  • thin blanket folded lengthwise across bed centred on sacrum
  • another folded cornerwise, apex down, base above umbilical
  • linen triangle wet and wrung.
  • apply as nappy and wrap

If reaction poor use Very Hot Sitz or hot Hip Pack or Fomentations before the pack

Short Cold

until reaction, Tonic in chronic pelvic disease in

Very Cold in


until sweating begins - followed by 22°C 20-30sec Cold Douche, Cold Mitten Friction, cold Pail Pour or Cold Rubbing Sitz in...


15-20°C, lightly wrung changed every 30min, best with simultaneous Hot Leg Pack in...

Very Hot

Dry linen over the triangle blanket wrung from 70°C or as hot as the patient can bear or Fomentation


The pack must be adapted to the case.

  • Short cold not in pain, inflammation or congestion
  • no prolonged cold in pain
  • No long hot packs in inflammations
  • Avoid chilling in Cold Compress
  • Avoid profuse perspiration in hot packs