SYN: Diaphoretic, Sweating Treatments, Skin Tonic


from Dr JH Kellogg's Hydriatic Techniques...

A reactionary Excitant effect that causes profuse sweating, mainly for restoring skin health.

Has two subdivisions:-

  1. Spoliatives and
  2. Eliminative

Must be carefully tailored to the condition and patient.

Usually graduated as condition improves.



Cold is contraindicated in:-


from Dr GK Abbott's Prescriptions...

General sweating induced by any hot application, even local.

used for metabolic and kidney disease


  • Increase sweating (water)
  • Increase catabolism (spoliative or reducing)
  • Increase elimination of toxins through the skin and indirectly through the kidneys if they are overworked and congested by making them more efficient. In healthy kidneys there is no diuretic effect.
  • Increase skin and sebaceous gland activity improving local nutrition
  • Relieve internal congestion
  • Decrease oedema and effusions
  • Promote reactive ability thus preparing for cold treatments
  • Prepare patient for cold treatments.

Sudorific from the most effective...


Contra-indications to extreme Diaphoretics