General Measures


from Dr JH Kellogg's Hydriatic Techniques...


to strengthen the Immune System during Respiratory Disease

General Measures

  1. Stay away from work and from other people. These conditions are mostly highly contagious and are thus easily transmitted to others.
  2. Stay in bed during the fever stage. This will give the body's natural defense mechanisms their best chance of working efficiently.
  3. Make sure the sick room is adequately ventilated with fresh air, neither too hot nor too cold. The temperature should actually be around 20°C, which tends towards the cool side.
  4. A fruit diet during the acute phase is most beneficial, especially if it is high in citrus fruits. This provides extra vitamin C which most clinicians feel is helpful, even though excessive quantities of vitamin C have not been proved, in well-controlled studies, to shorten the course of respiratory disease. Some recommend a liquid diet of fruit juices. We feel that the whole-fruit diet is superior nutritionally and physiologically and is usually more acceptable to the patient. Hot, unsweetened lemonade is often soothing, however, and may be used freely.
  5. Avoid sweets and sugars of all kinds! There is abundant evidence that sugar interferes with the body's natural defense mechanisms and actually promotes the growth of disease-causing organisms.
  6. Short walks outside, as soon as the fever is over, the proper clothing protection, will help promote the return of strength and a feeling of well-being.
  7. The use of certain herb teas can be pleasant, symptomatically helpful, and harmless, having not side effects as do powerful drugs.
  8. Steam vaporizer at bedside constantly. Direct steam inhalations may be helpful.
  9. Honey-eucalyptus cough syrup (few drops of oil of eucalyptus to a cup of boiled honey) as needed.